In this article I talk to you in more detail about Coogli, the mobile application I created for monitoring pregnancy and baby: active collaboration of parents for simplified daily management 

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful time, but it can also be a time of great adjustment and organization for parents. Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, a new mobile application available on the Android and apple stores offers a complete solution for pregnancy and baby monitoring. Coogli is an application designed to be participatory: it allows both parents to actively contribute to the daily management of their child. Thanks to a common diary and precise data entry, this application greatly simplifies daily organization while providing detailed monitoring of the baby’s progress.

A common agenda for better organization

One of the key features of this app is its common agenda. Both parents can add medical appointments, planned chores and activities for the baby, and important reminders. This allows optimal coordination between the parents, thus avoiding oversights and conflicting schedules. The shared agenda facilitates communication and ensures that both parents are on the same page when it comes to baby’s needs and activities.

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Accurate data entry for detailed tracking

Another great feature of my Coogli app is the ability to accurately enter information related to sleep, food, hygiene, activities, height, weight of the baby, as well as teeth coming out, and much more. Both parents can easily save this information in the app, allowing for detailed tracking of all important aspects of their child’s life. This data can be useful for identifying trends, establishing routines and sharing information with the pediatrician during medical visits.

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Simplified day-to-day management

Thanks to the Coogli application, daily management when a baby arrives becomes much easier. Parents can easily view key information such as sleep times, eating habits, changes in activities and their child’s growth progress. This makes it possible to quickly detect any possible problem and make the necessary adjustments. In addition, the possibility of sharing this information between the two parents promotes communication and reinforces the feeling of partnership in the care of the baby.

Coogli, a participatory application for an enriching experience

By encouraging the active participation of both parents, this app creates a truly rewarding pregnancy and baby tracking experience. Parents can support each other, share concerns and successes, and feel more connected in their parenting role. Active collaboration strengthens family ties and offers both parents the opportunity to participate fully in the life of their child, even when professional constraints or other obligations keep them physically apart.

A collaboration between the parents and the nanny

This app goes beyond just parent involvement by also including the nanny in the daily management process. Thanks to this feature, parents can invite the nanny to join the application and actively contribute to the management of childcare times. This allows better coordination between the parents and the nanny, thus avoiding confusion and planning errors.

Simplified on-call time management

The app offers a shared calendar where parents and nanny can easily plan childcare times. Parents can indicate the days and times they need the nanny, while the nanny can confirm her availability and add planned childcare times. This provides a clear and organized view of the nanny’s schedule, making planning easier and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Ease of invoicing at the end of the month

Apart from managing on-call time, this nanny feature of the Coogli app also simplifies the billing process. The nanny can record the hours of care performed directly in the application, with precise details of the duration of each session. At the end of the month, parents can easily access this information and generate a summary for billing. This eliminates the need for paper documents or tedious calculations, enabling fast and accurate invoicing.

The Coogli pregnancy and baby monitoring mobile application, designed to be participatory, offers a multitude of advantages for the daily management of the arrival of a baby. Thanks to its common diary and the precise entry of data relating to sleep, food, hygiene, activities, height, weight of the baby and much more, this application not only simplifies the organization , but also offers detailed monitoring of your child’s progress.

By using the common calendar, both parents can better organize themselves by planning and coordinating their baby-related activities. Medical appointments, daily tasks and special activities can be added and viewed easily, avoiding oversights and scheduling conflicts. This feature promotes better communication and ensures that both parents are equally involved in caring for their baby.

Daily management is greatly simplified thanks to the Coogli application. Parents can easily review the recorded data, allowing them to understand their baby’s sleep patterns, food preferences, hygiene needs and progress. This allows routines to be established and adjustments to be made if necessary. In addition, the possibility of sharing this information between the two parents promotes a harmonious and coherent approach in the care of the child.

Need an application before the arrival of your baby for pregnancy monitoring? It is possible to monitor alone or in pairs with the Coogli application, which will follow you from pregnancy to the baby monitoring dashboard.

So, don’t wait any longer, download the Coogli app now and enjoy complete and simplified baby monitoring at your fingertips !