Webesign training.

Do you want to learn how to use design software or how to manage your WordPress site ?
I offer you my services to intervene in your training center or directly in your company.

formation, webdesign, UX Design, UI Design, intervenante

You want to learn
the basics


I can train you in a basic use of Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator, Adobe XD and Figma software.

For example, if you want to gain autonomy in the design of flyers, catalogs or posters in your company, I can train you in the use of the software Indesign, which is a great tool for this. It allows you to create printed visuals with a neat design, simply, and to export them in PDF format with the crop lines for direct sending to your printer. (Please note, however, that it will be up to you to purchase the licenses for this software directly on the sitefrom Adobe.)

your website

independently, internally

The content of your website evolves every day, you want to be able to manage it independently, internally,
without systematically calling on a freelancer : get trained !

I accompany you in learning to use DTP tools to make your site more attractive but also for the management of the backoffice of your website: updating content, creating web banners, adding images, product sheets, etc.

formation, webdesign, UX Design, UI Design, intervenante
formation, webdesign, UX Design, UI Design, intervenante

WordPress training

Do you want to gain autonomy ?

Whether you want to be accompanied in the creation of your website or learn a basic use to manage the content, I can train you !

Add text, update articles, change images, update your extensions… Simply learn how to manage your site WordPress completely independently.


how does a training session take place ?

Depending on whether you are a company, an individual or a training center, the training mode will be adapted to each situation. For companies, I offer my expertise on your premises, with your equipment, for a better appropriation of the tools. It is possible to do training sessions in small groups or individual sessions. We will evaluate together the number of sessions necessary according to your needs.

For training centers and schools, I also travel, or it is possible to lead distance courses by videoconference. For individuals, let’s meet in shared premises with your equipment for a good appropriation of the tools that you want to learn how to use.

formation, webdesign, UX Design, UI Design, intervenante

Lecturer in training
UI Design & UX Design

Currently a school worker My Digital School in Annecy and Lyon but also at ESDES, I provide training in web ergonomics and layout.

I am also a mentor on the online course platform Openclassrooms, that is to say that I support students in their online training course through videoconferencing, once a week per learner.

With ten years of experience in the graphic design and web design professions, I would be delighted to help you use the graphic design tools and the management of your website so that you can gain autonomy.

Need my services
to train you in design?

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