UX audit.

The UX Design website audit is a process of in-depth analysis of the user experience of your website.
The audit allows the identification of potential problems, obstacles and gaps in the current user experience of your website.

Why is a UX Design
website audit important ?

The website audit in UX Design is important for several reasons :

  • It helps to better understand users and their needs, which can lead to significant improvements in user experience.
  • It can help identify design issues that may negatively affect the performance of the website and its ability to achieve its goals.
  • It can help evaluate website performance against competitors, providing a comparative analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of competing websites.
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The steps of the website audit
in UX Design

The website audit in UX Design generally takes place in several stages :

Data Collection
User Experience
  1. Data Collection : This step involves collecting relevant data from the website, such as traffic analytics, user interaction data, business goals and test results of friendliness. This step provides insight into the current state of the website and areas where improvements can be made.
  2. User Experience Analysis : This step involves analyzing the current user experience of the website. This includes identifying barriers and gaps in the current user experience, as well as analyzing usability, navigation, and information presentation.
  3. Accessibility Assessment : This step involves assessing the accessibility of the website to people with special needs, such as the visually or hearing impaired.
  4. Performance evaluation : This step involves evaluating the performance of the website, in terms of loading time, speed and reliability.
  5. Recommendations : This step involves making recommendations to improve the user experience of the website. These recommendations may include design changes, content modifications, and performance optimizations.
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Audit deliverables

At the end of this audit, I issue you a PDF document including :

  • The framing of the ecommerce site audit
  • A study of Google Analytics data
  • The study of the user journey
  • The drafting of recommendations with models made in Figma or Adobe XD according to preference.

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