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Brand design.

L’identité graphique de votre structure est issue de l’image que vous souhaitez renvoyer. Aussi, il est important de bien réfléchir en amont à plusieurs points : quelle est votre cible ? Quel message souhaitez-vous véhiculer ?

Je vous propose mon expertise dans ce domaine pour vous accompagner dans la création d’un logo et une charte graphique sur-mesure. 

Everything starts...

by creating a graphic charter

A graphic charter is a tool that precisely defines the visual identity of a brand or a company. It aims to ensure the graphic consistency of all the achievements for a brand, a project, a company or any other type of organization. This tool is therefore a document that gives all the important information for a graphic designer, an agency or a communication officer for the creation of the communication media he needs.

EXAMPLES OF DELIVERABLES: Logotype, Graphic charter.

These supports can be of any type : video, display, websites, catalogs, but also business cards, letterhead, promotional items, signage, packaging…

The graphic charter establishes rules and long-lasting construction bases. A logo must be accompanied by a graphic universe constructed and regulated by a charter. The graphic charter is also a document that ensures continuity when changing personnel within your company, changing agency and/or graphic designer.

From a commercial point of view, a strong identity will give credit to your company or your brand and will be a guarantee of credibility with your customers and partners.

logo, brand, brand identity, identité visuelle, charte graphique
Your graphic charter will therefore consist of several essential elements to guarantee your brand image:
  • your logo and its possible variations
  • the choice of fonts
  • the choice of colors
  • the use of images or graphic elements
  • declination of supports
logo, brand, brand identity, identité visuelle, charte graphique

Your logo


Whether you want to create a logo for a new brand, a new company or simply give a facelift to an already existing logo, call on my services: artistic but pragmatic, I can combine the soul of your company with what will resonate in the eyes of users. Everything will be carefully thought out and considered according to your needs and your target.

Do you want to create a graphic charter and a logo for your brand or your company? Let’s talk about it together! Let’s define your objectives then I will create for you a graphic charter and a logo in your image, tailor-made.

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